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A move causes many significant changes, but the process itself can be rather challenging. With the bother of packing, moving boxes and unpacking, relocating to a new residence can be a headache.

At Rockford Movers, we take care of your moving needs so that you can do just that: enjoy your house! Our Rockford moving company has been successfully relocating homes and businesses within the Michigan area and across the world for some time now. Since moves vary, we present a full service menu that allows our customers the ability to choose just those they'd like assistance with. From home or commercial packing and moving packages to making the move and unloading, we handle exactly what you want us to do.

Allowing our clients/customers the opportunity to select their own services also makes moving cheaply doable. Not only do we offer competitive rates, but we offer our customers the power to determine the cost of their move by using only the specific options. That is the reason we provide a comprehensive list of services that enable us to take care of some or a variety of your wants. Some of the services our Rockford local movers offer include:

  • Full Packing Services
  • Supplies (tape, etc.)
  • Professional Employees
  • Self Storage
  • Van Rental and Fuel

Our Rockford moving company is happy to assist in choosing from our many services and adhering to a budget. At Rockford Movers, we are committed to meet the needs of our customers, and our aim is to make sure that your move is as simple as possible. In order to meet your expectations, we hire only the premier employees.

We understand that even though customers depend on our assistance through the move from start to finish, while other customers only need a couple of our services. Our team is dependable and trustworthy, giving the highest effort to your possessions.

To maintain a safe transport of your goods, everything is wrapped and packaged securely. The boxes are clearly labeled as well, allowing for easy unloading and unpacking when we've reached your new place. Our drivers/movers are professional and reliable, transporting your cargo to your new location in a timely manner. If you need storage in between your moves, we can offer assistance with that as well! We have some of the best protected Rockford storage facilities in the city and we can house a variety of non-perishable items that include:

  • Children's Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Autos and Classics
  • Sports Equipment
  • Bikes or Motorcycles
  • And Much More!

When you need your cargo from our storage unit, we can deliver the items to your new residence at a time that works for you. You also have the choice to pick up your possessions on your own using one of our Rockford truck rentals. This is an ideal option for those who are on a tight time schedule and want to maintain the allocated cost of their moving process within budget.

Get a move on today and schedule your relocation with Rockford Movers!

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